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Laboratory: WD-XRF Spectrometer


Most recent addition to the Panjab University SAIF is the Wavelength Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence-S8 Tiger from Bruker, Germany. The S8 Tiger is a fully automated computer controlled sequential WD-XRF Spectrometer for high precision, qualitative and quantitative and semi quantitative elements analysis required for the analysis of different applications. The spectrometer can analyze elements from carbon to Uranium in the concentration range from PPM level to 100% in any from i.e. liquid, solid or powder samples. The wavelength dispersive X-ray Fluorescence spectrometer are typically employed for both routine and non routine elements analysis of wide range of products such as ferrous and non ferrous alloys. oils, slags, ores and minerals, glasses, powders, solution in the field of geological, biological, forensic, food and Environmental samples.

The instrument is capable of handling solids, pressed powders, fused beads and liquids. It has 4KWatt Rh anode X- ray tube with proportional flow counter and Scintillation counter detectors.

The instrument includes analytical software package for data handling, data processing qualitative & quantitative and standard less operation particularly the software package to quantitative and semi quantitative analysis of various samples.

Software for accurate trace element analysis of geological materials is available.

Sample Requirement
10 ml- Liquid
5-10 gm powder (Fine Powder; 100 mesh size)
9gm Geological


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